Company profile

Dongguan STL Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in high-end export standard washer fasteners products manufacturing enterprises. In order to meet the needs of market development, the investment in the mainland has a market operations center, production and processing center in Tangxia, Dongguan factory and a number of direct sales business. Development is the Stirling prison eternal theme, in the fierce market competition, Stirling prison will continue to innovation, continuous improvement, in order to adapt to the changing environment, the company will uphold the steady development strategy, continue to increase investment, and constantly improve the management, to enhance the competitiveness, achieve the company's sustainable development┈┈


  • Professional focus

    15 years focused on high-end export standards (washers) fasteners manufacturing, long-term exports to Europe and the United States and other countries

  • Innovation

    Development is the eternal theme of his prison, in the fierce competition in the market, his firm will continue to innovation, continuous improvement

  • Industrial equipment

    Company products are widely used industrial equipment, rail transport locomotive manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, mining equipment of large engineering machinery and mining machinery, Marine, and other areas of the industry.

  • Good word of mouth big influence

    Successful cooperation of top domestic and foreign customers such as indirect delivery; French Airbus, CSR and other famous enterprises opened the era of science and technology

Advanced equipment

Companies will be adhering to the steady development of the strategy, and constantly increase investment, the purchase of advanced equipment to improve competitiveness and achieve sustainable development of the company.

Product Center

China French washer industry leading brand - professional quality production and sales of the world's first!

The enterprise products sold strict implementation of quality standards, implementation of national Three Guarantees: if there are quality problems unconditional returns or refund!

  • A2-DIN25201


    Product categories:双叠自锁垫圈



  • Serrated Safety Washers

    Serrated Safety Washers…

    Product categories:碟形防松垫圈



  • Serrated Safety Washers

    Serrated Safety Washers…

    Product categories:碟形防松垫圈



  • French lock washer

    French lock washer

    Product categories:法式锁紧垫圈



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